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Like most other women, Nicole Oden is confronted with frustrations in her life.  Unlike most other people, however, Nicole possesses the ability and the drive to do something about it.

A short six years ago Nicole Oden was a Senior Vice President of Investments at Smith Barney.  She displayed phenomenal ability to analyze data and to take actions based on that analysis, resulting in wealth growth for her clients and a nice paycheck for Nicole.  Over 12 years in a man’s world at Smith Barney, Nicole proved herself an extremely capable businesswoman outperforming most of her counterparts. 

Make no mistake though; Nicole is a woman.  Her sense of fashion extends beyond the outward appearance of the clothes she chooses to wear.  She has always believed that the most important “accessory” in style, fashion and beauty is flawless skin, and that skin is the “first layer of confidence.”

Nicole’s past experience at the mirror was similar to many American women.  She would unhappily analyze how her skin looked that morning and with frustration look down on her counter to see which of the host of skincare products she continued to try would help her that day.  Some days it worked; some it didn’t.  And as all women know, if you are unhappy about the appearance of your skin, your confidence is affected.  Nicole was determined to change this, not only for herself, but also for every woman she knew, and for the community of women around the world who shared her frustration.  But where to start?

Nicole and her family have always had a passion for the sea.  Since childhood she can remember her grandmother and mother, upon checking the scratch on young Nicole’s leg, saying, “get into the water, it will heal it.”  Vacationing seaside most of her life, she has heard this thousands of times, from many different types of people, and all over the world.  It is this statement that led Nicole to look to the healing power of the sea when developing her skincare collection.

However, Nicole isn’t a scientist or an esthetician.  But her entire career trained her how to research; how to take data, apply it, and build a team to take actions to solve problems.  And that is exactly what she did. 

She found that the sea contained marine plant life that had a cellular structure so similar to that of human skin, products derived from them would penetrate skin more deeply and effectively.   She put a team together, applied the science to the dream, and from this ElevenSkin was born.

“Feeling and looking good is all about putting into your body what it needs,” said Nicole recently.  “ElevenSkin puts back into the skin what it looses as it ages.  I just want people to feel better about their life.  If the results of my ElevenSkin does that for you, then I am happy!”