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Feeling and looking good is all about putting into your body what it needs, ElevenSkin puts back into the skin what it looses as it ages.
Nicole Oden

The Science

The secret to ElevenSkin is nutrient-rich sea botanicals that grow abundantly in ocean waters, creating a skincare collection that is your best defense against skin damage, and your best resource for skin repair.

You will never look at seaweed the same way again.


About ElevenSkin

Eleven journeyed to the seas off the south of France and found the extraordinary elements essential to create organic skin care like no other. This is the answer to your search for beautiful skin; the intelligent formula with the active ingredients your skin has been seeking for years. LEARN MORE

Meet Nicole

Life Better, LLC is a company committed to creating products that truly make life better, starting with the first layer of confidence. The company developed a marine-derived all-natural skincare collection that caters to women and men seeking quick and lasting anti-aging and skin damage repair results. LEARN MORE