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Life Better, LLC is a company committed to creating products that truly make life better, starting with the first layer of confidence. The company developed a marine-derived all-natural skincare collection that caters to women and men seeking quick and lasting anti-aging and skin damage repair results. The ElevenSkin collection was developed through Life Better owner, Nikki Oden’s Eleven Salon & Spa, and is currently available exclusively at Eleven Salon & Spa in Delray Beach, Florida,, and direct to consumer through a special TV offer.

The secret to ElevenSkin is nutrient-rich sea botanicals that grow abundantly in warm ocean waters, creating a skincare collection that is your best defense against skin damage, and your best resource for skin repair. The result? A dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and a visibly improved skin tone and texture.


Nikki Oden

Founder & CEO

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Jennie Garth
“Eleven nourishes my skin in a whole new way.
That seaweed extract is amazing!”

– Jennie Garth, Actress –