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What is Eleven Skin / How does it work?

Eleven Skin is the anti-aging system from the ocean that helps you turn back the clock an have glowing, radiant, younger looking skin.

What makes Eleven Skin so different is a nutrient-rich seaweed, called Laminaria Digitata – with incredible properties that can help rejuvenate your skin.

Not only is this superstar seaweed loaded with vitamins, minerals, and super antioxidants, it shares three of the exact same amino acids as human skin (GLYCINE, LYCINE AND PROLINE), which are vital to skin elasticity and hydration.

Each product gives back what time has taken away by combining a unique blend of select all-natural ingredients into a complex delivery system utilizing the healing power of the sea.

How long will it take for me to see results?

While each person is different, many women see results in as little as 30 days!

How long will my Eleven Skin System last?

The four-piece system is designed to last you for 30 days. To be sure you don’t run out make sure you sign up for our convenient home delivery program! We’ll ship you a new fresh supply on a regular basis so you never run out.

Does it work on sensitive skin?

Eleven has been formulated free of known irritants. We have tested the products on many women with no allergies or irritation whatsoever. if you have any allergy or reaction to Eleven, please stop usage immediately and return any unused portion for a full refund.

Does it work on different skin colors?

Women of all skin tones and ethnicities use Eleven Skin and see results. While there are no specific claims that any skin care can make about how well they work on different skin tones, Eleven is made for all skin types and all people.

Are results guaranteed?

Our founder Nicole Oden is so sure you will love how you feel after using Eleven Skin that she offers her unprecedented ELEVEN WEEK Money Back Guarantee! You can try Eleven Skin for almost three months, and if you are not completely satisfied return it for a full refund.

Can I use this if I am allergic to seaweed?

If you have an allergy to seaweed, Eleven skin is probably not for you.

Can I use 'Eleven' products along with my existing skin care products?

Although our Eleven Skin system works together to provide your skin with incredible moisture and nutrients (making other products unnecessary), if you have a particular favorite that you’d like to keep using, it would probably be just fine

Does the perfection concealer come in different shades?

Our unique formula uses skin-adapting colors within the product to adjust to your individual shade.

Do I need to use a night cream with the hydrate night serum?

Hydrate Night Serum (SEER-UM) is packed with moisturizing agents as well as nutrients to hydrate and nourish the skin while you sleep. This very rich and luxurious (LUX-SUR-EE-US) serum penetrates and leaves no residue.

What are collagen, glycine, lycine and proline?

Glycine, lysine and proline are the primary amino acids found in collagen, accounting for at least 50 percent of its amino acid content. These three amino acids are found in Luminaria Digitata, a key ingredient in Eleven Skin and also in human skin