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Nicole Oden

Founder & CEO

Nicole Oden, former Senior Vice President of investments at Smith Barney, is a seeker of good things in life. When she found a void, she filled it by creating something new. Since childhood, Nicole has thrived on sharing with others her optimism. She brings this passion to the masses today with her growing brand, Eleven.

After a successful career at Smith Barney, Nicole discovered her entrepreneurial side. First launching in 2004 an 11,000 square foot concierge spa in Delray Beach, Florida (Eleven Salon & Spa) two years later Nicole leveraged that success into a marine-based skincare collection (ElevenSkin) and the soon to launch furniture line (ElevenHome). Every aspect of the brand and its products comes from Nicole’s vision, and her focus on that vision is the driving force to its success.

Nine months pregnant in November of 2004, Nicole debuted ElevenSpa Delray, the first step toward the growing luxury brand that Eleven is today. Consisting of the spa in Delray, and the Marine-based ElevenSkin, Nicole promises Life Better®. And she means it.

Call the spa and you are greeted this way: “Thank you for calling ElevenSpa, how can I change your life today?” The answer to this question varies from guest to guest, but regardless, Nicole’s promise is delivered; from the first phone call you make to ElevenSpa, to the services you enjoy and to the skincare you take home. Her vision isn’t about defining what an experience means to you, it’s about letting you discover what you need to be changed in some way by the short time you trust to her vision. It’s about Life Better.

Nicole has been an active part of the Delray Beach community for many years, donating to local charities and schools, offering ElevenSpa Delray as a venue to host fundraisers, and participating with organizations around South Florida helping them bring their message to people who can help. Nicole feels that this is part of the promise she makes to her guests.

“Feeling and looking good is all about putting into your body what it needs,” 
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