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“This anti-aging kit is a miracle kit. My skin is radiant and the products feel great on my skin. I’ve tried just about every infomercial product out there. None of them deliver the results like ElevenSkin. I refuse to use anything else.”

– Lisa on 6/11/12

“I was introduced to the Anti-Aging Kit and other Eleven products after receiving a really bad sun burn on my face and body. Although I was hopeful, the results I received in a matter of a few days rendered me a true believer and lifetime consumer of the Eleven skin care line. My skin is healthy, glowing and firm, and, from what I’m told, very youthful looking. I finally look as young as I feel!”

– Patricia T., NY


“Eleven nourishes my skin in a whole new way. That seaweed extract is amazing!”


“Eleven brings a glow to my skin that I haven’t seen in years!”


“My skin is so soft, it is so smooth, it is so touchable. I love my skin!”


“I feel that Eleven Skin has actually reversed the process of aging for me. The lines in my forehead have diminished a lot, and to see that is really amazing. Eleven Skin is a blessing.”


“Eleven Skin works! My husband actually noticed the changes in my skin, and he actually said to me, ‘You look better without makeup than with makeup, it’s working.”

DANA, 39

“I’ve got more of an even skin tone. My sun spots have started to fade. The lines around my eyes they’ve almost like rejuvenated and filled in. I never thought that you could almost turn back Time with Eleven. I feel like I’ve taken five to six years off of my skin.”


“Eleven has a rich feel to it, so you know that there’s good quality ingredients in it. And my skin soaks it up like a sponge.”


“The serum feels so good. And when you wake up in the morning, it’s almost like you’ve been to a spa, you know, in your sleep.”


“Eleven Skin feels so good when you put it on, it is like going to a spa. You just feel like you’re treating yourself.”

Anti-Aging System

You’ll never look at seaweed the same way again.

The secret to ElevenSkin is nutrient-rich sea botanicals that grow abundantly in ocean waters, creating a skincare collection that is your best defense against skin damage, and your best resource for skin repair. The result? A dramatic reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and visibly improved skin tone and texture. Results you can see!